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화학적 ESS 화재 방지의 대응전략 및 개념도를 확인하실 수 있습니다.

ESS 화재방지

Off-gas 모니터링 시스템 CE / ETL 인증 취득

Li-ion Tamer Group is always pursuing certifications and approvals to help widen the markets we can access.  Additionally, the recent ​partnership with Honeywell / Xtralis has increased Li-ion Tamer installations world-wide, leading to more region-specific requirements.


As such, the most recent additions to the are the ETL listing and CE mark.  Obtaining these certifications is part of our constant effort to ​ensure customer safety and environmental responsibility during product lifetime.​


UIntertek, a Nationally Recognized Test Lab (NRTL), recently certified our Rack Monitor System to the UL 61010 standard.  This yields an ETL listing and mark on our product, as shown.  The listing is evidence to customers and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) that our product is safe during normal operation.  Although ETL and UL listings are not equivalent, the testing protocol is the same and often yields faster results.  A UL listing for the off-gas monitor sensor is in the works and will hopefully come to fruition sometime next year.


The EU is the world leader in regulating product entering the European Union and they require a variety of certifications.  

The most important of which is the CE mark, which includes RoHS and EMC compliance.  In meeting RoHS compliance, our product does not contain any harmful chemicals commonly found in electronics.  Additionally, EMC compliance indicates our product does not generate electromagnetic interference (EMI) that could harm surrounding electronics.  It also ensures that the system can handle common forms and sources of EMI.


In addition to the CE mark, much of the EU requires REACH and WEEE compliance, which Li-ion Tamer meets.  Both are aimed at

maintaining environmental responsibility, which aligns with our support of the BESS industry.  We always strive to promote safety and environmental consciousness, and our newest certifications reflect that.

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